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rigamarole, rigmarole - a protracted and complicated and bewildering technique; "all of that tutorial rigmarole was a waste of your time"

apophysis - (anatomy) a normal outgrowth or projection on an organ or physique portion such as the process of the vertebra

أسْلوب، طَريقَة عَمَلعلميةعَمَلِيَّةعَمَلِيَّه صِناعِيَّهعَمَلِيَّه، سِلْسِلَة أحداث

xiphoid process the pointed process of cartilage, supported by a Main of bone, connected with the reduced close with the sternum; named also xiphoid.

of secondary oil Restoration If your polymer focus of liquid injected into the reservoir varies with time. From Cambridge English Corpus   Contemplating the large grade of preservation, the mineral formation process

A toothlike process extending upward from the axis and about which the atlas rotates. Synonym: dens See: illustration

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process - a specific indian visa course of action meant to obtain a end result; "the process of getting a driver's license"; "it absolutely was a process of trial and error"

a constant motion, operation, or series of improvements happening inside of a definite method: the process of decay.

process These are text generally utilized together with process. Click on a collocation to see far more examples of it.

The bottom part of the sternum; a sword-formed cartilaginous process supported by bone. No ribs connect into the xiphoid process; however, some abdominal muscles are attached. The xiphoid process ossifies within the aged Synonym: ensiform process; xiphisternum

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looping, iteration - (computer science) executing a similar list of Guidelines a provided quantity of times or until a specified result's received; "the solution is obtained by iteration"

horn - any challenging protuberance from the head of the organism that is comparable to or suggestive of a horn

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