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reversible process - any process wherein a technique may be made to go through exactly the same states within the reverse get in the event the process is reversed

1 : a continual operation, art, or process particularly in manufacture whoever invents or discovers any new and beneficial process…may get hold of a patent therefor — U.S. Code

during the process of in the course of, in the course of, inside the midst of They're during the process of drawing up a peace prepare.

evolution, growth - a process in which one thing passes by levels to another stage (Specially a far more advanced or mature phase); "the event of his Thoughts took many years"; "the evolution of Greek civilization"; "the sluggish enhancement of her talent as being a writer"

Processes often have to have to communicate, By way of example within a shell pipeline, the output of the first process ought to pass to the 2nd a single, and so on to the opposite process. It's most popular within a well-structured way not making use of interrupts.

basilar process a quadrilateral plate with the occipital bone projecting superiorly and anteriorly with the foramen magnum.

The varied process states, displayed in a very condition diagram, with arrows indicating attainable transitions amongst states.

(2) : to combine sensory information and facts gained making sure that an action or response is generated the brain processes Visible illustrations or photos relayed through the retina

According to the running procedure implementation, switches might be carried out when jobs conduct enter/output operations, whenever a activity suggests that it might be switched, or on components interrupts.

The narrow Element of the base of your occipital bone, in front of the foramen magnum, articulating with the sphenoid bone. Synonym: pars basilaris ossis occipitalis

chelation - (medicine) the process of taking away a major metal from your bloodstream by the use of a chelate as in managing lead or mercury poisoning

coracoid process indian visa a curved process arising through the upper neck on the scapula and overhanging the shoulder joint; called also coracoid.

condensation - (psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two Strategies or photographs combine into just one image; specifically in dreams

if some thing is happening, and something else comes about while in the process, the second issue happens on account of the primary:

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